Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why My Body Sometimes Suddenly Shaking?

These things sometimes happen to someone. Suddenly, body or part of the body is shaking. But this is different from the conditions of shaking from the cold. In this case, the trembling of the body is called with tremors.

Tremor is the shaking movement caused uncontrolled muscle contraction. Vibration frequency ranged 4-12 times per second. Tremor may occur in almost all parts of the body, for example at the tip of the hand or leg, waist, the face, even the vocal cords. Yet most often occur on the hands. Symptoms that are most easily seen is people's hands shaking when lift something.

Viewed from the cause, the tremors could arise due to various things. Feelings of excessive emotion can cause tremors. People who are frightened or nervous, also can be shaking. These include the type of normal physiological tremor experienced by humans. This tremor will disappear by itself if the emotions had calmed down.

There are tremors that occur because of illness, such as tremors in Parkinson's patients. Tremors caused by the disease cannot be lost if the cause is not addressed first. These include Rest Tremor, the vibration occurs only when patients do not do anything. Conversely, if the patients were on the move, the vibration does not appear.

Other type of tremor is tremor iatrogenic that occured because the side effects of drugs.

the exact cause that still unknown is essential tremor. Whereas patients with this type of tremor is most numerous. These included into the Action Tremor which means that the vibrations will arise if the patient is doing and will disappear if the patient is in a state of rest or no activity.

Tremor could also be caused by hyperthyroidism.


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  3. That's weird because I get them everyday and once a day or even twice. My whole body freezes up and then shakes